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HubTrans Information

35 years of experience in cooperation with Trepel in the fields of coil handling, lifting tables, heavy-duty lift tables, conveyor technology, airport technology and lifting technology have made us a partner for plant production worldwide.

We are listed at: Daimler-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, etc. We demonstrably fulfill our goal of quality and reliability as a supplier for plant construction.

Our expert support, already in the preliminary planning of the respective projects, has led to a cooperative partnership with plant manufacturers in large-scale industry and small-scale plant construction. The reduction in interfaces through the supply of components for coil systems, cargo systems, lifting systems, conveyor systems and special systems provide our customers with a high degree of savings in terms of planning and significantly reduce the manufacturing costs of the entire system.

In addition to our services for you, we are authorized, if necessary, to create an expert report for the fields of mechanical engineering and materials handling.

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35 Years of experience in cooperation with Trepel

HubTrans Lifting Table Compendium
gives you further information on:

Lifting Tables from 0.5 up to 550 t lifting loads
Production Plant Lifting Tables
Air Freight Components
Jumbo platforms
Specially designed Lifting Tables