The Cargo Handling

This System is used at Frankfurt Airport for highly efficient Build up and Break -down of 10 and 20 ft. ULDs Functionality of the System: All Goods entering the Building are Loaded onto Airfreight Palets or into Containers. The Packages are loaded according to (IATA) regulations. (Dimensions acc. To Drawing). Palets are Build up to 3000 mm in Height.In order to allow for a safe working enviroment build up and break down stations are equiped with Scissor lifts and Roller Conveyor. According to German Safety at Work rules these Lifts have a capability to lower 1000 mm below Floor ( under certain circumstances up to 1500 mm below floor can be realized) The Workstations are located at the end of the Conveyor line as well as to the side. It is possible to place a Palet with a Fork lift onto each individual Conveyor.The Mian loading station for the conveyors however are the Scissor lifts. The Pallets are transported onto the System via the Scissor lift in an height of 203 mm of the floor with devices such as Slave pallets. The Build up and break down of cargo can either take place right at the Lift Work station or any of the adjecant conveyors in the Line