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Machines that inspire - We are experts in this field with over 40 years of experience!

Coilhandling: From 1980 to the present day we have been active in the development and introduction to the market of coil handling.

Cargohandling: Since 1995, the lifting and lowering systems for cargo facilities at airports around the world have been technically adapted to the special requirements.

Heavy duty lift tables: As early as 1990 we developed heavy-duty platforms, for example ship platforms, to connect the upper deck to the lower deck.

Conveying technology: At the beginning of the 90s we developed conveyor technology such as roller conveyors or chain conveyors with our lifting tables as superstructure in the sense of interface reduction.

Special lifting systems: In 1968 the first special system for changing the tools of presses or punches was developed. The tool changing cart was invented and is still used today. This puts us in the position to supply all TREPEL products in the quality you are used to.

Additionally you receive all further spare parts for TREPEL - products at HubTrans GmbH.

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