Sheet steel, aluminum, paper or plastic are gently and safely fed into and removed from the production processes. Whether it concerns slitting lines, cut-to-length lines or high-performance machines with additional punching, bending or profiling machines - HubTrans has an extensive and mature program for all areas of application.

If materials are processed from the roll, short changeover times are required at the winding or unwinding stations. For all processes which are connected with linking or buffering, HubTrans has components with coil lift trucks and coil storage, turning, tilting and turning devices to give such complex production processes the character of high performance systems.

HubTrans coil handling program makes production lines become more economical!

The increasing demands on performance and economy make it necessary to further develop lifting and transport systems. More than ever before, the question of the right lifting, transport or stacking system arises. The usual transport processes with crane or forklift must be replaced by faster and more precise system components.

A qualified consulting team with many years of experience in the field of special material flow technology ensures that everything is integrated correctly right from the planning phase.

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